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Youth Open House
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Name: Youth Open House
Categories: Peace & Conflict

On June 11 and 12th, the North American Affairs team at the World Bank hosted the first North American Youth Open House, dubbed “YOH!” The two day conference, held in the Preston auditorium, convened more than 120 participants between the ages of 18-30, representing youth organizations and universities from across Canada and the United States. The event was an opportunity for young people in Canada and the U.S. to engage in a dialogue with each other and World Bank staff around common challenges in the effort to create an equitable and sustainable future for all. In addition to networking with each other, participants were able to connect with youth from Ghana, Nigeria, Uzbekistan and Venezuela through a videoconference.

A unique aspect to this conference was the way in which discussions were facilitated through the method of ‘Open Space’. The participants took part in a series of “open space sessions,” convened by expert Open Space facilitator, John Engle. By proposing their own topics for discussion and choosing which discussions they would like to attend, participants were able to set their own agenda and cover the topics they considered most relevant and pressing to youth in the development community. The Book of Proceedings (in the documents tab) includes notes from these discussions.

This online discussion is an opportunity for YOH! participants to revisit issues that were discussed at the conference. It is also an opportunity to inform and invite other young people, who were not able to attend the conference, to listen to the proceedings, read the documents and participate in the discussion. The audio files of the conference, related documents and presentations can be found on the documents tab on this website. Please feel free to invite your friends and colleagues, who are interested in youth engagement, specifically in North America, to join this group.

Following this discussion, a separate Youth, Development and Peace (YDP) North America online group will be created. This group will focus on the formations (mission, vision, strategy, structure and activities) of a YDP Network in North America. Individuals interested in joining this group must meet the following criteria:

• are between 18 and 30 years old;
• are residents of Canada or the US
• demonstrate an interest, knowledge of and/or experience in development issues, especially poverty reduction and sustainable development;
• have interest or experience in creating awareness of development issues in their local and/or regional community;
• have experience within a group, an association or an organisation working on and/or with youth issues;
• have an interest in establishing a YDP North America network

YOH! participants are automatically added to this group.


The online discussion will be 3 weeks from 28 June until July 19.

Every Thursday, questions of the week will be posted to the group by a moderator. On Wednesday, a moderator will summarize the discussions and send the summary by the following Thursday.

The following issues will be discussed during the three weeks:

• Recapping the conference and introduction of new participants (Week 1)
• Different models of youth engagement (Week 2)
• Achieving a consensus on common goals (Week 3)

Please, introduce yourself, your organisation and/or university, and country when you send messages to the group.

All messages approved by the moderator are archived. All attachments sent to the group automatically appear under group documents.

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Document World Development Report [0 kb]

Document Additional YOH! Breakout Session Notes: Innovative sources to financing primary education [16 kb]

Document Additional YOH! Breakout session notes: Primary Education Development Session [16 kb]

Document Turner Presentation [564 kb]

Document Romboli Presentation [768 kb]

Document 2 - Development and Youth Plenary [0 kb]

Document 1 - Welcome and WB Overview [0 kb]

Document 3 - Setting the Agenda [0 kb]

Document 4 - Reconvene [0 kb]

Document 5 - Connecting Youth Plenary VC [0 kb]

Document 6 - Setting the Agenda [0 kb]

Document 7 - Next Steps [0 kb]

Document 8 - Closing Circle [0 kb]

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Youth Open House   Youth Open House

Youth Open House

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