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Youth Consultation on Migration and Development
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From: quim villamer [ profile ]
Subject: Youth Migration Consultation
Sent: Sep 18th, 2008 - 23:28:06

What are the causes of youth migration? What are
your recommendations on how migration can be undertaken on a genuine choice
rather than on necessity?

Based on various media exposures, political instability, employment, citizen
benefits (health services and housing opportunities), environmental
deterioration, salary, wages even national security are some of the reasons why
youth migration seems like a "craze" not just in Africa but in so
many developing countries. Deteriorating living conditions have increased the
propensity of migration. Workers struggle providing their and their family's
needs while dancing with their country's economic crisis. This is a major cause
of youth migration for these workers choose to work in first-world countries or
if not, oil-rich countries which provide more employment with a more reasonable
salary, thus, finding the "greener pasteur" they'd like to share with
their family makes them decide for a family migration. On other cases, fresh
graduates from developing countries would prefer to work abroad due to big
differences on benefits. On some cases, youth migrate for their studies for
they find better quality of education in these developed countries. These are
common instances on many parts of the world. A "practical" decision
as many would address. Seemingly, there are a lot of sub-reasons of youth
migration but if we try to trace its origin, the root answer is poverty-poverty
in the quality of education, material poverty, poverty in development and
poverty in nationalism.

As part of the response, the need for improvement of nationalism seems to
occupy a big slot. The reason why youth choose to migrate and serve the
"already-rich" countries is because they lack unconditional love for
their home country. Yes, they help the country through their remittances at
some cases but their wisdom, knowledge and abilities are of bigger help to
their country and to the future generations to come. We can improve nationalism
by setting examples on the image of different youth organizations. With
nationalism, youth can choose to come back to their home country and share
their knowledge, skills and abilities. This will promote mutual growth and
development. The youth particularly has to be given preferential care by
concerned groups and their own government. This can be achieved by providing
more avenues for improvement-awareness, better quality of education and
empowerment. Since developing countries have problems like political
instability, fiscal crisis and national insecurity, they are encouraged to seek
for greater support with assurance of equality and dual dynamism during the
partnership. With this, developing countries are being given the picture of
action on the strategies of these developed countries in attaining progress.
Through innovation (which is known to be a great skill of developing countries),
they can be able to extract brilliant ideas of running a country at their best.

But for the simplest but would surely create a good chain reaction, the
simplest things are still believed to offer the biggest change for these are
the means to a better foundation. The youth is encouraged to be disciplined,
vigilant and cooperative especially on security officials to further strengthen
national security. With this, we can help lessen crime rates which can attract
investors who can provide employment. Eventually, improving the educational
system will be one of the best ways on catering to a good societal trend for
the youth dictates the economic trend of our society and being part of this
noble movement, together we can promote a healthier community, thus, addressing
the problem on youth migration.

In your own view what are the economic, social,
political and cultural impacts of Youth Migration to Africa ?

As citizens continue to
deal with the crisis brought about by several societal causes, it renders big
impact on all aspects. The impact of Youth Migration in Africa
has a domino effect on every aspect of development.

Although Youth Migration
helps Africa economically by lowering the rate
of unemployment, it actually involves brain drain which affects the quality of
service and work results in companies and infrastructures eventually puckering
the social aspect which causes less consumerism. People tend to patronize
products and services provided by multinational companies rather than those of
their own for they tend to see low credibility because of brain drain. It is of
common knowledge that Africa ’s suffering from
malnourishment and this involves those of the younger generation. Chronic questions
in these young minds could be: “Where are our playmates who’ll be the next
people to govern our country and alleviate us from this situation?” or “What
does the next generation offer to their fellowmen?”. Questions arise as Youth
Migration continues to occur. The society is given a perspective of
hopelessness in staying in their own country particularly those in Africa .

the political aspect, it
affects the quality of the leaders which tends to leave the veterans or
traditional politicians on their seat. Gradual loss of man power can
threaten the political integrity of the country itself for it can
welcome the idea of the developed countries taking advantage of the
need of Africa . But it also acts as an eye-opening propaganda for
the government and the people to act on the “long-term” situation. On
aspect of culture, it indeed involves hazard on the identity of the
Culture for the influence of the “stronger” countries could be
through convergence. Losing the African culture can be one of the
risks Youth Migration can offer. Indeed, this issue is no small deal.

What are some of contribution of youth migrants and diaspora groups towards
community development and achieving Millenium Development Goals in their

Youth Migration is not pure
negative energy. The thought actually encourages creativity, adventure and
growth as well. These youth migrants have the opportunity to see the big
difference between the developed and developing countries. It gives them a
clear picture on what the “bigger” country has that can help their home
country. With the experience being the best teacher, Youth migrants and
diaspora groups as seen in the status quo has a reason to unite and move for a
greater cause towards community development. This is the cause of their
sponsored programs catering to the needs of our materially destitute brothers
and sisters. With the situation, they are able to gain motivation out of their

The achievement of the
Millenium Development Goals can now be possible for united hearts. With
awareness about the world, they will know that some of the tiger economist
countries as regarded today were once in the shrubs but with the unity and
nationalism, they were able to rise and take a great leap towards progress.


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