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Youth Consultation on Migration and Development
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From: inalegwu uji
Subject: Re: Youth Migration in Africa: definition, challenges and limits
Sent: Sep 18th, 2008 - 09:50:54

  I am very happy to be part of the change agents. I wish to use this to say am sorry for coming  in late it is due to network problem in my area.
Thank you very much for this topic.
1.    What are the causes of youth migration? What are your 
recommendations on how migration can be undertaken on a genuine 
choice rather than on necessity?

The causes of youth migration is do to economic and social standard of ones country and the country of migration. The youths are migrating in search of greener pasture and we discover that most of them do it through the hard way and other have lost their lives.
Some do in search of new ideas to help improve on their capacity. We all have a long way to help change our world. We can build  a network of young persons sharing ideas like this group and going on sentisation. Also a good recommendation is to advocate for support for countries to help develop programs that can tackle issues on youth migration through an International Youth conference on migration.
2.    In your own view what are the economic, social, political and 
cultural impacts of Youth Migration to Africa?

Youth miration have serious effect on the economic, social, political and culture in Africa.
As youth migrates, it affect the labour force and also most of the cultural believes and way of life is left out and what you see is the other side of foreing culture. Africa is a great place to be and we must help to develop it and not slave to another nations. The agricultural side that help to contribute to the nation's economy is not working as every go about searching for white cola jobs.
3.    What are some of contribution of youth migrants and diaspora 
groups towards community development and achieving Millenium 
Development Goals in their homelands?
 Well some of this youth are doing very well in sending money homes and also establishing small business and factories to help sustain the livivng standard of the people at home. Others contribute to grants and establishment of NGOs and other charity donations to build the community project. But we still have some that a not ready to send a dine home because they fill their contry cannot change. This is as a result ot those leaders that send thier children abroad and waste most of our resources in buidling houses and other things for thier children to be comfortable abroard. But back at home,they dont have a project or contribute to the nation building. Youth migrants in diaspora, will do better to organise a forum where others can be carried along in helping to develop thier country (our country).
This system will work well if there is good support from the government and the people back at home. The youth in diaspora are ambassadors too and can be encouraged to make a difference. Th millenium development goals is attainable and achievable if we all work together .
Inalegwu Frank Uji

--- On Thu, 9/18/08, Youth Consultation on Migration and Development wrote:

From: Youth Consultation on Migration and Development
Subject: [migration] Daily Digest for September 17, 2008 (1 msg)
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 1:02 AM

Welcome to your Daily Digest for the 'Youth Consultation on Migration and
Development' group!

If you wish to e-mail the group, reply to this message or send an e-mail to:
migration (at)

Here's a summary of yesterday's message from the group:

1 -> Friendly Reminder note (Celine Lemmel)

You can view full message texts below!

-----> Message 1

From: Celine Lemmel
Subject: Friendly Reminder note

(the French version is following the English one)

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to take part in supporting the moderation of this
consultation on Migration and Development and to be the moderator of
this first session. This forum is an ideal opportunity for all of us,
young people, to advocate for youth at global events and be involved
in the Global Forum on Migration and Development through this
consultation. Together with the Youth migration team, our supporters
and your collaboration, we can share opinions and advice to enrich
the discussions on the issue of Youth Migration and Development.

Overview of the issue:

In recent years, migratory pressure has increased and is expected to
intensify further in the coming decades, given the rising gap in
wages between developed and developing countries and their differing
demographic futures. Young people represent a vulnerable group
subject to a multitude of consequences of underdevelopment. At the
same time, they can also play an important role in the development of
their country if adequate resources are made available to them so as
to positively influence the achievement of the Millenium Development
Goals. One thing is clear: migration is concerning more than ever
young people.

This week's area of discussion is the following:

A.Youth Migration in Africa: definition, challenges and limits

1. What are the causes of youth migration? What are your
recommendations on how migration can be undertaken on a genuine
choice rather than on necessity?

2. In your own view what are the economic, social, political and
cultural impacts of Youth Migration to Africa?

3. What are some of contribution of youth migrants and diaspora
groups towards community development and achieving Millenium
Development Goals in their homelands?

You can find a backgroud information paper attached to this e-mail.
Please send your responses to "migration (at)"
before or on the 19th September 2008.

Thank you in advance for your participation to this consultation.


Chers amis,

Je suis ravie de participer à l'organisation de cette consultation
sur le thème de la Migration et du Développement et d'être la
modératrice de cette première session. Ce forum de discussion est
une opportunité formidable pour nous tous, jeunes gens, de plaider en
faveur de la jeunesse lors d'évènements majeurs et de prendre part
au Forum Mondial sur la Migration et le Développement. Ensemble, avec
l'équipe de Young People We Care, de ses partenaires et de vous tous,
nous avons l'occasion de partager nos opinions et conseils afin
d'enrichir les discussions sur le thème de la Migration des Jeunes et
du Développement.

Aperçu du problème:

La pression migratoire a augmenté au cours de ces dernières années
et cette tendance devrait s'intensifier encore dans les décennies à
venir, résultant en des écarts grandissants de revenus entre pays
développés et pays en développement, et en des différences
démographiques importantes. Les jeunes représentent un groupe de
population vulnérable, sujet à une multitude de conséquences du
sous-développement. En même temps, les jeunes peuvent également
jouer un rôle important dans le développement de leur pays d'origine
si toutefois des ressources suffisantes sont mises à leur disposition
de manière à ce qu'ils aient une influence positive sur la
réalisation des Objectifs Millénaires pour le Développement. Une
chose est néanmoins claire: la migration concerne plus que jamais les

Cette semaine, les discussions porteront sur:

A. La Migration des Jeunes en Afrique: définition, défis et limites

1. Quelles sont d'après vous les causes de la migrations des jeunes?
Quelles recommandations donneriez-vous quant à la manière dont la
migration peut être entreprise comme une véritable choix plutôt que
par nécessité?

2. Selon vous, quelles sont les conséquences économiques, sociales,
politicales et culturelles de la migration des jeunes en Afrique?

3. Quelles sont les contributions apportées par les jeunes migrants
et les membres des diasporas au développement de leur communauté et
à l'accomplissement des Objectifs Millénaires du Développement dans
leur pays d'origine?

Vous trouverez un document d'information sur ce thème en pièce-
jointe de cet e-mail.
Merci d'envoyer vos réponse à
"migration (at)"
le 19 septembre 2008 au plus tard.

Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre contribution à cette consultation.


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