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Global Youth Action Network Discussion
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Name: Global Youth Action Network Discussion
Welcome to the mailing list of the Global Youth Action Network (GYAN)!

GYAN’s mission is to help organizations like yours to succeed in their work to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. GYAN connects youth organizations all over the world and advocates for increased youth participation in decision-making and encourages collaboration to promote change.

This mailing list aims to increase the ability of GYAN members to communicate and participate in meaningful dialogue with each other. We encourage sharing of opportunities, resources and experiences that can contribute to the work of youth organizations.

Criteria of submissions:
• Be within the scope of GYAN’s mission to encourage collaboration and promote youth participation in decision-making.
• Be relevant to a large portion of members.
• Not country specific.

In order to remain a member driven group, GYAN will learn as we go once we get an idea what content is being provided and how it is most helpful for our members.

Please contact the

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Global Youth Action Network Discussion  Global Youth Action Network Discussion

Global Youth Action Network Discussion

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Administrator Marioliva González (Mexico)
Moderator Vidar Ekehaug (Norway)
Moderator Ruta (United States)
Moderator Ruta (United States)
- Aniqa Raza (Pakistan)
- Federico Manuel Gómez Guisoli
- Sohanur Rahman
- Hello Youth Somalia
- ACCI Liberia (Liberia)
- Africa Health Promotion Initiative Network
- Child Survival Aid Ghana (Ghana)
- Abdellah EL Ansari
- Rodrigo Bustamante
Administrator = administrator
Moderator = moderator
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