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Name: Live Chat
Categories: Education

On Thursday November 6th 2008 at 2pm (GMT/UTC) TakingITGlobal will be hosting a Live Chat focused on how youth are preparing for the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland this coming December.

The Live Chat will feature youth and youth organizations who will are heading to Poland for the meeting. Mark the date and join the chat to find out how Poznan will affect you and what you can do to be part of the changes youth will be demanding from world leaders at the conference!


350 parts per million is the measure of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere that must be achieved to avoid lasting damage to the earth. is a global movement dedicated to achieving this goal.

* PJ Partington [Climate Change: Youth Take Action Project Manager and a recurring Canadian Youth Delegate to the UN climate negotiations]

* A Representative from the United Kingdom Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan

* A Representative from the Indian Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan

* Whit Jones
Deputy Field Director, Energy Action Coalition & Partnerships Co-ordinator, SustainUS

On the day of the Live Chat join by going to the website address provided above.

*Have Questions about how to use the Live Chat tool? Please refer to the Live Chat FAQ document below.

[The International Day Live Chats will take place in English - but join this group to remain updated on possible upcoming Live Chats in other languages!]

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Administrator Liam O'Doherty (Canada)
Moderator Kimia (Canada)
Moderator P.J. Partington (Canada)
Moderator Tala Nabulsi (Canada)
- Oliver Giving (Canada)
- shameem (India)
- kaye denis (Uganda)
- AalanJenny (United States)
- Asuka Kondoh (United States)
- Dalene Valorie (United States)
- Madison Isabella (United States)
- William Henry (United States)
- Daliya (Egypt)
- john (United States)
Administrator = administrator
Moderator = moderator
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