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From: George Ndungu [ profile ]
Sent: Jul 5th, 2009 - 11:01:22

  Dear All
The celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls to increase awareness of the Declaration by the public, organizations, community leaders and government officials particularly in Africa. Therefore in association with Youth for Human Rights International organization
(  and in collaboration with the government we have formed a Youth for Human Rights Club in Kenya. The purpose of the club will be to teach people
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
so that they become valuable
advocates for Peace and Tolerance.

We believe that the only solution to the intolerance and
discrimination we see and hear daily is to make people more aware of
what are human rights and why they are important.So after we launch the
club club we are going to start an outreach in African countries to
bring pressure to bear on governments to fully implement the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. We are also going to assist the African
youths in starting Youth for Human Rights Clubs in their own countries
and start teaching Human Rights.

So, am inviting individuals and national and international organizations
to partner with us in making Human Rights a fact in Africa and the
world. Our actions will ripple fruits of peace and tolerance.

The YHRI holds events and produces instructional tools to raise human rights awareness such as the award-winning music video UNITED – a street-savvy, multi-ethnic, five-minute film in
15 languages – conveying the power of human rights awareness.

Most recently, YHRI released a series of 30 audiovisual public service announcements, one for each article of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human
Rights. The first of these messages, released in late 2005, have been screened to more than 130 million people.

YHRI also publishes the UNITED Human Rights Handbook,
providing educators and leaders with a practical tool with which to
teach human rights to the young. 

YHRI works with human rights advocates, legislators, teachers, police and humanitarians to encourage young people to learn and champion human rights.

With these YHRI educational tool the club is going to carry out the
following projects in a " KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CAMPAIGN" campaign:

1. Encouraging educators to start reaching human rights using the UNITED Human Rights Handbook,the PSAs, UNITED and What Are Human Rights? Booklet

 2. Human rights
educational tours.

 3.Broadcasting of the 30 PSAs by TV stations.

4.Distributing the UNITED human rights music video, the PSAs
and What are Human Rights? booklet to schools, communities, youth
organizations and others.

5.Encouraging artists to produce and donate
murals with human rights themes.

6.Holding essay-writing contests for youth on human rights.

7.Lectures to
schools and community groups.

8.Seminars to raise public awareness of
child slavery and other violations of human rights

a campaign requires a good deal of collaboration and participation,
every bit of it adding to the strength and diversity of this powerful
outreach action of raising individual and community consciousness of
human rights that affects every one of us, no matter who we are or
where we live. People who do not know their rights are vulnerable.
People who know their fundamental human rights can defend themselves and help their peers.

And together
we can improve the quality of life of precious people around the continent.

Yours sincerely,

George Ndungu

Club's Leader

gpndungu (at)

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