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Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
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Name: Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Categories: Human Rights

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) is a youth-led network of over 7,400 young leaders and adult allies working on HIV and AIDS related issues in over 170 countries worldwide. It was proposed by youth attendees of the XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona 2002 and XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok 2004. GYCA's mission is to empower young leaders with the skills, knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to scale up HIV and AIDS interventions amongst their peers. It's work is guided by three priorities: networking and sharing of best practices; technical assistance and capacity building; and political advocacy. GYCA is a program of the Public Health Institute with staff based in New York City, USA; and Accra, Ghana.

For more information about GYCA or to join, please visit

If your youth HIV/AIDS initiative is not listed in our Global Directory, please add it at

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Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS  Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS

Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS

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