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Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth
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Name: Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth
Categories: Citizen Journalism

I am Benoit and I welcome you to this group. I am moving slowly because
I want to stay away from hype. I started AVHY to inspire and to generate a point of gravity for intelligence to feel good about being smart and humble!

Humanity is trapped under the rule that teams up ignorance and indifference. When ignorance is about to merge with indifference, this is when the Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth speaks up to prevent ignorance and indifference to merge, for when they do, the doom of darkness invades the patterns of personal and communal decision makers, from parents to monarchies and governments.

Youth is a word that can be either limited by age or it can be the connection to all the renewing vigour and the growing capacities of life, no matter the age.

Such is The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth and it is found where Jesus points to when He says: "If you do not convert and become like children, you will not enter in the Kingdom of God".
The road of personal and communal sanctity is where AVHY calls from and leads to...

In terms of work, I am a stay-at-home-dad-grand-dad-voter-citizen from Canada. I stay at
home because one of our children is in need of daily living assistance. My wife works as a property manager with an inner-city housing agency.

My view of humanity's present is that we are in need to witness the recovery
road from self-destruction to self-control and community self-government. I am 48 years old as of April 2006 and I've travelled that recovery road since I was 16.

So I work to position myself with a web presence and a ground activity that
contributes to cultivate such witness. To do that togeter, we must learn to open and to grow close to one another with a freedom of expression that remais on the rails of the expression of freedom!

The most relevant way that I know, on how we can engage one another with
such a meaningful way, is by asking each member to focus on formulating a key concept by which you live your life and to also formulate a central question that you do not know the answer to but intend to investigate openly with us, so that we may support one another in the personal and intimate growing process.

My key concept is "Going from the spiritual division of our DNA to the organic experience of spiritual unity". My 2 questions are: "How does the Sacred Heart live within our midst into the full force of the Personal Sacred Fire?" and: "Within the
experience of unity with God and one another, there is only one voice. How do we tune in on the web and from here to our living space? "

By connecting with one another from our key concept and by helping one another
to investigate each one's most important question in life, we enter into the most intimate part of our identity and presence.

By doing so on the Internet, we set in motion an energy of Open Source from spirit to spirit, from heart to heart
and from soul to soul. This activity serves to help to eliminate distances between people from everywhere and empowers wisdom and love to free itself from fear, doubt and confusion.

From personal to communal, we then equip one another to go from local to global by cultivating care and attention of who we are and what our
needs and investment capacity are all about.

In the documents, you will find the initiative I am on now called "Healing the Inner Circle"..

If this works out, I hope to start opening up web radio and video stations that will
grow from the project you are about to read in the file "Healing the Inner
Cicle doc."

"Changes can be effected either through evolution or revolution"

Revolution = Militancy up against oppression until all opposition has been subjected. Once subjected, the cycle starts all over again until the next clash.

Evolution = Radiancy of the Organic Experience of Spiritual Unity, leading humans with the clarity of participatory transparency.

Youth and maturity do not have to mean the opposite of each other...

Youth is a word that can be either limited by age or it can be the connection to all the renewing vigour and the growing capacities of life, no matter the age.

It is in the hope to inspire the trans-generational connectivity through the youth of all ages that I formulated The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth and that I started the group of this name here, with Taking It Global.

As you're almost done reading the front page, you can then proceed to "Documents", where I store thoughts to feed inspiration and action.

You will notice that in certain writings, I use ancient voice of humanity's youth along with 2 other elements of thoughts architecture, so that together, they may begotten to generate the combustion of eternal life that fires up my personal flame upon the torch that my life has all been about since 1974. Here how this formulation goes:
"The Solemn Beauty of Being Human answering the Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth, adapting within the fluidity of Common Sense."

and now I add...
...seeing a mature people of all people arising from communig and tuning up in The Quietening Silence of Patient Wisdom, upon the currency of times where history and destiny meet up to form the harmonies that swell up, moving on into the music by following the lead of an eternal energy of melody, upon the rhythms of the Faculty of Living which assembles all human experience, knowledge, sciences and faculties, where love and logic go on making peace, into the dance of joy forever...

As a result of such a pursuit at Taking It Global's site, there is now a cyber space classroom being developed since June 10, 2006 through a
Tanzanian-Canadian- female-male connection. We call the class Spiritual Hygiene 101 and you can read this growing vision of two at:

...all blessings be with us all...

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Document The Age of Sustainable Development by Jeffrey Sachs [0 kb]

Document Health's relation to bible [0 kb]

Document 2009 Middle East Festival Lecture on Global Affairs [64 kb]

Document ENURGENCE.pps [233 kb]

Document LeJourOu.pps [440 kb]

Document Puissance10.pps [1153 kb]

Document 2070.pps [469 kb]

Document Healing the Inner Circle part 2 [0 kb]

Document lebonheurestunvoyage.pps [913 kb]

Document Practical solutions adaptable world wide [0 kb]

Document 17 months of focus building at Minciu Sodas Internet lab [0 kb]

Document Workings of inner peace for Israelis and Palestinians and the speicies [0 kb]

Document Canada searching for the knowledge to serve wisdom [0 kb]

Document Various introductions to my life time work [0 kb]

Document NOTRETERRE.pps [1315 kb]

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